Photo of the Week: Climbing Vines

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I took this on an evening walk with my boyfriend in our neighborhood on Tuesday night. I had started the walk with an intention to take a picture of old railroad tracks close to where we live, but it was too dark by the time we got there. We passed this house right after we had started our walk and I felt inclined to take a picture of it — now I’m glad I did! Continue reading


Summertime? Just Give Me Autumn, Thank You!

Almost everyone I know says they “can’t wait for summer.” It could be the beginning of October and they’re already saying it. If it’s the middle of summer, they’re already dreading its end when there’s still at least a month and half left of it to enjoy.

Me in the summertime? I’m quite the opposite. Call me crazy, but thick humid air and starting to sweat the moment I step out my front door are not appealing to me. Continue reading

Hobby of Mine, Where Have You Been?

I used to chase sunsets. I’d see hints of pinks and purples from the kitchen window at my parents’ house and if I wasn’t in the middle of something else, I’d grab my camera and my keys and drive in the direction of the hues. Sometimes I would get lucky and find spot free of buildings or too many trees and snap a successful shot. Other times the gradient in the sky would disappear before I could find somewhere to take the perfect picture. Continue reading