Yes, I’m still alive.

Yet again, in my typical fashion, I have created a blog and failed to update it.

It’s been… seven months?! I had to count on my fingers (incredibly bad at math here) how many months it’s been and I didn’t realize it was that long. Ugh, that makes me feel worse about it. And on top of it I don’t really know what I’m here to say besides the fact that yes, I am still alive.

I mean, it’s not even like nothing exciting has happened in my life in the past seven months. The main cause of excitement is the fact that my boyfriend BOUGHT A HOUSE at the end of January and we have been living there since! I really should have written about it sooner but if I don’t feel inspired to write, I don’t do it. And I also always feel like I need to be poetic and unique with everything I write but I need to realize that’s just not true. Or maybe it is? I don’t know.

THE POINT is that I’m going to try to get this here blog going again. I don’t have a theme, I don’t have a plan, and I know those are allegedly the golden rules to blogging and they would probably help me actually update this thing but I don’t want any pressure. I want this to be fun. I want this to be something I enjoy.

So, here’s to hoping I am making a comeback and I’ll have something interesting to say or show more often than not. *fingers crossed*

– A