To Commit, or Not to Commit? Trying Something New

I’ve decided to to make a commitment, and hopefully it will be one I actually stick with.

A couple entries ago I shared a photo I recently got developed and explained how much I used to take pictures. For the past couple years I have been upset with myself for not making more of an effort to rekindle my love for photography so I figured my blog is a good place to attempt that. And I’m going to do that by challenging myself to take a picture I’m proud to share on a weekly basis and showcase it with a “Photo of the Week” post on every Friday or Saturday.

Allow me to dive right in.

Philadelphia, PA || Aug. 15, 2015

Philadelphia, PA || Aug. 15, 2015

Last Saturday evening I spent a few hours on the Ben Franklin Yacht which cruised up and down the Delaware River. Along the way, I had the chance to see some ships from a different view and see other things I didn’t even know were there. I can’t tell you what the name of this ship is, but it had a pretty hue of pink and in my slightly intoxicated state I managed to snap this picture with my iPhone. Note: Photos taken with my iPhone are almost always edited with VSCO. I have a grid of photos that can be seen by clicking on the picture. 

– A


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