Hobby of Mine, Where Have You Been?

I used to chase sunsets. I’d see hints of pinks and purples from the kitchen window at my parents’ house and if I wasn’t in the middle of something else, I’d grab my camera and my keys and drive in the direction of the hues. Sometimes I would get lucky and find spot free of buildings or too many trees and snap a successful shot. Other times the gradient in the sky would disappear before I could find somewhere to take the perfect picture.

I used to bring one of my cameras with me on a daily basis on purpose — whether I had plans to take pictures or not. I just wanted to make sure it was there in case something caught my eye that inspired me to immortalize it. Now that isn’t something that happens so much, and I would like to blame that on the iPhone (although I do love snapping photos with that!).

A couple weeks ago I finally finished a roll of film that had been sitting in one of my toy cameras (a SuperHeadz White Slim Angel) since January 2014. I didn’t know it had been in there that long until I got the roll developed and saw what was on it. While I wasn’t crazy about most of the pictures on the roll, a couple shots got me excited about shooting in film. The picture below is my favorite from the roll:


Taken at the Bloomsburg Fair in Bloomsburg, PA in September 2014.

If I hadn’t stumbled upon Load Film in Subdued Light last week, I’m not sure I would have shared this photo. He has an amazing collection of film-based photos over on his blog and looking through them all inspired me to share mine here, instead of just with people I know via Facebook and Instagram. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even be inspired to take more shots and share more shots on a recurring basis.

– A


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