‘Reflections’ on falling in & out of love with music

I used to be obsessed with music. If I wasn’t listening to it, I was hunting for new artists and downloading anything I liked on the first listen to get it on my iPod classic. I even have a Friedrich Nietzsche quote on the inside of my left bicep because of how engrossed in music I was.

And then at some point, for reasons I don’t know, I wasn’t so obsessed with it anymore. I wasn’t seeking out new music or checking the “leak” sites where I got most of it from before. For the past few years, I have just stuck with the music I already have and love. If I heard something new that I liked, that’s really just as far as it went — I liked the music a lot but would eventually fall out of it. I don’t even like my once-favorite band anymore (to be honest, I really can’t stand them).

It was almost unsettling to go through this falling-out with music because of how much time I used to spend with it. I worried for a long time if I would ever get really excited about a band or artist again. Then, a couple weeks ago, a song came on the radio that had me dancing in my car without even realizing it.

I grabbed my phone and Shazamed the song before it ended and got it even more excited when I didn’t recognize the name of the artist — MisterWives. I opened Beats, found their artist profile, plugged my phone into the auxiliary port, found the song that was on the radio (“Reflections”), then pressed play. I haven’t listened to anything but MisterWives since that morning.


There’s the entire album for your listening pleasure. Maybe you won’t like it as much as I do, but to me it has been worth sharing with anyone I think or hope will enjoy it as much as I do.

So I’m gonna go ahead and listen to it some more now.

– A


5 thoughts on “‘Reflections’ on falling in & out of love with music

  1. sagittariusmoon75 says:

    I am going to check them out. 😉

    As for your falling out of love with music. It sounds like you just needed the right music to start finding you instead of the eternal search. I am glad the excitement found you again!

    • Ashley C. says:

      I hope you end up liking them! And I think you’re right — I just needed the right music to get me excited again. I’m happy it found me, too!

  2. Jesse Villarreal says:

    I have been feeling the same lately, especially what the music I use to listen to. Lately, I have been studying rap music, analyzing their lyrics for the sake of poetry, exploring the culture and history.

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