An Explanation & Introduction of Sorts

CampbellsSoupIf there’s one thing I say more than most things, it’s “like the soup.”

I’m not even sure where I heard it first — though it was most likely from my dad — but ever since I’ve had to give someone my last name, that phrase always comes right along with it.

“Campbell, like the soup.”

Most people chuckle and ask me how long I’ve been saying it or say how much they like that. Then there’s the few that say “P-B, right?” while they’re entering it into their system or writing it down. Then there’s that one girl who worked at Hot Topic that was handling my return (it was years ago, I promise!) and spelled it K-A-M-B-L-E. Clearly that last one is so hard to comprehend that I’ve been unable to forget it.

Anyway, that’s where the title of my blog comes from and I felt it was necessary to explain for two reasons:

1. So people don’t think I’m going to be providing soup recipes.
2. So people don’t think I’m writing about that God-awful show on E! or whatever channel it lives on.

Beyond that I guess I should say some things about me? I’m not really sure what to say since most people reading this probably already know me but here’s a few things:

  • I’m 28 years old and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my boyfriend, Matt (who happens to be in a pretty cool band called The Wonder Years so you should probably check them out).
  • I’m the oldest of three kids — my sister Kacey is 26, and my brother Austin is 18.
  • My parents have been divorced since I was 5 years old and my mom is remarried. I go to 80s hair metal shows with my dad a lot and I’m usually eating and drinking with my mom and stepdad.
  • My favorite food in the entire world is grilled cheese, but I also love sushi rolls, Mexican, and Eggs Benedict.
  • really like baking, especially cupcakes. I have received praise for my cupcakes and it makes me so happy that my cupcakes make others happy.
  • I have quite a few tattoos and I only want more.
  • love to read. Young Adult novels are what I read most and my favorites include the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Home series by Ransom Riggs, the Gemma Doyle Trilogy and The Diviners by Libba Bray, and The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins (clearly I like a lot of series).
  • I used to be very into photography and I am trying to get back into it again. I have too many toy cameras, some instant cameras, and a DSLR that really need some good use.
  • I’m an introvert in some aspects and spend more time at home than I do going out. I really enjoy my friends, but I often get very overwhelmed in social situations and need a “recovery” period afterwards. I’m also pretty self-conscious which is pretty stupid at my age but hey, I’m only human. I also have some anxiety issues but praise be to Xanax!
  • I’m employed as an Online Editor at a suburban newspaper and that’s all I have to say about that!

Well, I think that’s enough information for one post. Here’s to hoping I haven’t bored you and that you decide to come back at some point.

– A


9 thoughts on “An Explanation & Introduction of Sorts

    • Ashley C. says:

      Haha, unfortunately his band has nothing to do with the show! I have only seen a few episodes myself, so I can’t say whether I’m a fan or not.

      And yes! All of my tattoos have some kind of personal meaning. The most personal is the one of my dog, which I got a few months after he passed away. Do all of yours have personal meaning?

      Also heading over to your blog now to check it out!

      • hjsportsed says:

        Yes. I have pictures of my tattoos on my blog in one of my posts. My first one is supposed to be of a cougar looking through the mist (artist’s rendering). The cougar was my high school mascot. Not sure I really love it, but it’s there. The second one is an image of my grandfather fishing. We always fished together before he passed away. The third one is for my grandmother, who’s name is rose. The lady bug is for my wife’s grandmother who passed away recently and loved lady bugs.

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